Sunday, 24 June 2018

Start Your Online Food Ordering Business With Readily Available Online Food Ordering App

Online food ordering is an existing successful business in the industry, many entrepreneurs are still coming up with new ideas for it and awaiting for an opportunity to penetrate in the industry of food ordering business. These aspiring entrepreneurs are greatly helped by the readily available online food ordering app.

Food ordering through online has met the demands of both ends rightly, i.e it is serving as a sales booster for restaurants and providing end users to avail food on orders. So both these community is looking out for a platform, which could satisfy them on their need.

So clone app developers has forecasted the demand for it and came up with a readily available solution for it on web, ios and android platforms. Every entrepreneur will be attracted towards a business, only if it has reliable revenue generation model.

Focussing on, the revenue generation model, online food ordering business generates revenue from,

Commission on each orders

Every user will enter the food ordering website with a purpose, not just to window watch. So every user will look to order foods and so surely there will be more orders placed every day. This can bring you more revenues from the commission on prices of each orders.

Restaurant listing fee

Online food ordering apps are not only to help increase the sales of anyone individual restaurant. It is a marketplace app, acts as a common stage for multiple restaurants to boost their sales. So you can generate revenue by charging every individual restaurants a listing fee to take part in your system.

Featured listings

Some restauraters may like to boost their sales immediately and they want their online store for their restaurant on top of the list in your website. You can help with that and place them on top of your list by charging some particular amount from those restaurant owners.

Appkodes’s solution for your idea

As said earlier this business is not a new idea in the industry, many entrepreneurs are laying hands on this with every passing day. So if you want to stand out amongst similar crowd, all you have to do is opt for Appkodes’s SmartEat- Online food ordering app.

SmartEat app inherently have all features to help your both users (restaurant owners and customers) and have a good business model to provide you a reliable profit from your business.

Features on SmartEat

For buyers

  • Location based restaurants search.
  • Simple menu add button to easily add from menus on a single click.
  • Static user profile with default delivery address for all orders.
  • Check out page to easy view the order summary.
  • Reviews and pick convenient delivery area.

For sellers

  • Easy restaurant profile management.
  • Simple order management.
  • Add and manage items and categories at ease.
  • Create and manage coupons and offers.

SmartEat also has lot of perks for admin of the site, like

  • Access to easy manage dashboard, static page, meta-tag of your website
  • Expand business by adding and managing the cities.
  • Earnings from automatic price based commission deduction.

SmartEat is a readily available solution all platforms (web,ios, android) to provide you a better reach among your target audience. SmartEat app has an eye catching UI and all requisite features for best UX. This will help you gain a recognition for your brand in the market among your competitors. SmartEat can also be easily customized to fit in all your needs.

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